Call for Papers

01 November 2020

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13 October 2020

Papers revised after presentation at the three-day Young Researchers’ International Webinar on ‘The Evolutions of Bengali Identity: Reflections in Literature Culture & Society’ may be sent within 30 October 2020 to [email protected] for consideration of publication in the January issue (Volume VI Number I: Special Issue on ‘Bengali Identity’) of postScriptum. General submission guidelines apply. Selection of the papers for publication in the journal is subject blind peer-review. Publication Fees: NIL.

The recorded tracks of the webinar are now grouped under a playlist ‘YRIW on Bengali Identity’ which is available at the YouTube channel of Sarat Centenary College.


09 October 2020

The webinar will be live-streamed at
To join the event at Google Meet, please use: qyd-gwqh-ovw


06 October 2020

Registration for Participating Audience is open from 06 to 08 October 2020. Please click here to register.


06 October 2020

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26 September 2020


18 September 2020



30 August 2020

Young Researchers’ International Webinar



The Evolution of Bengali Identity

Reflections in Literature, Culture & Society


10, 11, 12 October 2020


Organised by

postScriptum: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Literary Studies

Online, Open Access, Peer-Reviewed, Indexed in DOAJ, ISSN 2456-7507

A Publication of the Department of English

Sarat Centenary College


Concept Note

The year 2020 being the year of 200th birth anniversary of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, one of the pioneers of Bengal Renaissance, this webinar proposes to map the evolution of the Bengali identity during these last 200 years, the pluralities and the nuances, that have often outgrown the linguistic and geographical dimensions. The webinar will also focus on the cultural, social, religious, and political events that have impacted Bengali identity during the 200-year-long journey through which it has evolved since the Bengal Renaissance.

The webinar proposes to create a space for contestations and deliberations on how the factors and facets relating to Bengali identity have been represented in different types of literary media. Some of the subtopics that the webinar looks forward to dwell upon are:

  • Bengal Renaissance and Reformations
  • Science and Rationalism
  • Nationalism and Politics
  • Literature and Arts 
  • Religion and Partitions
  • Regionalism and Provincialism
  • Famines and Disasters 
  • Language and Dialects 
  • Home and Diaspora
  • Performances and Popular Culture
  • Globalisation and Multiculturalism
  • Inclusivity and Multiplicity

However, this is by no means a comprehensive listing.


Call for Papers

Original and unpublished research papers in English are invited only from:

  • Postgraduate or MPhil Students
  • Junior or Senior Doctoral Research Fellows
  • Project or Postdoctoral Fellows


Please send only in .doc or .docx format; click here to submit the following:

  • A short bio-note within 200 words
  • 3-5 keywords
  • An abstract within 500 words
  • Full paper (optional but recommended)



Important Dates

  • Last Date for Submission of Papers: 25 September 2020
  • Optional but Recommended: Please send the full paper within 30 September 2020
  • Communication of Acceptance: 05 October 2020
  • Webinar Dates: 10, 11, 12 October 2020


Online Platform: Google Meet [the event will be recorded and live-streamed; link for joining the event will be shared with registered participants]

Streaming Platform: Facebook 

Streaming URL: [please click here to visit and follow the official Facebook page of the journal to receive updates]

Registration and Submission of Papers: Please click here to access the submission form

Registration Fees: NIL

Query e-Mail: [email protected]



Papers revised after presentation may be sent within 30 October 2020 for publication in the January issue (Volume VI Number I: Special Issue on ‘The Evolution of Bengali Identity: Reflections in Literature, Culture & Society’) of postScriptum. Selection of the papers for publication in the journal is subject blind peer-review. Publication Fees: NIL.


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