Volume One

Contents of the Inaugural Issue, January 2016

1. Committing Suicide for a Headscarf: Agency and the Feminist Subject in Orhan Pamuk’s Snow

      Pritha Mukherjee, Assistant Editor, Orient Blackswan; Associate Editor, Postcolonial Interventions <https://postcolonialinterventions.com/> e-Mail: prithamukherjee.12@gmail.com

2. Aesthetics Of Disability: The Growing Interest In Disability In Popular Hindi Cinema

      Swagata Chatterjee, PhD Research Scholar, Department of English, University of Calcutta; Guest Lecturer in English, Sir Gurudas Mahavidyalaya e-Mail: swagatac9@gmail.com

3. The Guide: Adaptation From Novel To Film
      Amar Dutta, Guest Lecturer in English, Sarat Centenary College, e-Mail: amardutta34@gmail.com

4. Captivity, Emancipation And Beyond: Time And Society – A Comparative Study Of Satyajit Ray’s Women
      Chandreyee Ganguly e-Mail: chandreyeegang09@gmail.com

5. Silencing The Subaltern: A Study On Viay Tendulkar’s Silence! The Court Is In Session
     Sangeeta Rakshit, M.Phil research scholar of English, University of Calcutta e-Mail: sangeeta_rakshit@rediffmail.com

6. Archetypal Approach To Eliot’s “The Waste Land”
     Rinku Nandi, Assistant Teacher (P.G.) of English, Baidyadanga Girls’ High School e-Mail: missrinkunandi@gmail.com


Contents of Volume I Number ii (July 2016)


1. Eric Rolls and Environmentalism in Australia

Anandarup Biswas, Assistant Professor in English, Shibpur DB College, Howrah e-Mail: biswas.anandarup@gmail.com


2. Constructing the Realm of the ‘Hyperreal’: Rowling’s Art of Storytelling


Dr Antara Mukherjee W.B.E.S., Assistant Professor of English, Government Girls’ General Degree College, Ekbalpore, Kolkata e-Mail: antaramukherje@gmail.com


3. Peeping into Powerpuff’s Powerhouse: Exploring in-built Contradictions within the Narrative of Superpower


Sayantani Chakraborti, Assistant Professor of English, THK Jain College, Kolkata e-Mail: chakrabortisayantani@gmail.com


4. Transaction between Fact and Fiction in Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children

Tuhin Majumdar, Assistant Professor & Head of the Department of English. Khatra Adibasi Mahavidyalaya, Bankura e-Mail: tuhinmajumdar87@gmail.com


5. I shall tell you all: Draupadi as the Protagonist of the Epic in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s The Palace of Illusions


Sudipta Gupta, Assistant Professor of English, Women’s College, Kolkata e-Mail: sudiptaspeakshermind@gmail.com


6. Retelling the Myth of Kunti: Saoli Mitra’s Timeless Tales


Dr Suranjana Bhadra, Assistant Professor of English, M.U.C Women’s College, Burdwan e-Mail: bhamun@gmail.com


7. Empowering the Subaltern: A Reading of Mahasweta Devi’s After Kurukshetra


Somrita Dey W.B.E.S., Assistant Professor of English, Salboni Government College, Paschim Mednipur e-Mail: somrita.dey17@gmail.com



“Gustatory Pleasure”: An Evocation of Food and Festivities of Bengal – A Review of The Hour of the Goddess by Chitrita Banerjee

DOIDr Kalyan Chatterjee W.B.E.S., Assistant Professor of English, Government General Degree College, Manbazar-II, Purulia e-Mail: kalynchatterjee@gmail.com